Czech Studies Workshop 2011

Harriman Institute, Columbia University

New York, NY




Friday, April 29



Session 1: National Identity in the Late Habsburg Period

Jakub Benes, UC Davis: Czech Proletarian Bards and Nationalist Polarization in the Austrian WorkersÕ Movement Before 1914

Nicholas Sawicki, Lehigh University: Nation and Style in Czech Art Criticism at the Turn of the Century  

Felix Jeschke, University College London: The Electric Railway between Pressburg and Vienna 1867-1935






Session 2: Czech Society in the First Republic

Karla Huebner, Wright State University: Is There to Be Found a Woman Who Doesn't Love Dance?: Representations of Dance in First Republic Czechoslovakia

Zachary Doleshal, UT Austin: Crime and Punishment in the Kingdom of Shoes: Policing BaťaÕs Zln



Coffee break



Session 3: World War II and Its Aftermath

Lisa Peschel, Harvard University: Performing Zionism: A Purimspiel from the Terez’n Ghetto

Eagle Glassheim, University of British Columbia: HeimatÕs Long Shadow: Human and Natural Ecologies of the Czechoslovak Borderlands



Keynote speech and discussion


Saturday, April 30



Session 4: Postwar Culture and Politics

Shawn Clybor, Utah State University: Opposition from Within?  E. F. Burian, Alexej Čepička, and the Czechoslovak Ministry of Defense, 1951-1956

Veronika Tuckerova, Columbia University: Kafka in Samizdat

Esther Peters, University of Chicago: The Ethics of the Hangover: Bohumil Hrabal and Writing Properly






Session 5: (Post-)Colonialism in Czech Literature and Culture

Veronika Pehe, University College London: Reading Ivan OlbrachtÕs Works on Carpathian Ruthenia from a Postcolonial Perspective

Jose Alaniz, University of Washington, Seattle: History in Czech Comics: Lucie LomovaÕs Divoši



Coffee break



Session 6: Anthropology and Oral History

Heidi Bludau, Indiana University: Out of Prague, Out of Europe: Why Czech Nurses Seek Employment in Non-European Markets

Rosie Johnston, National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library: Oral History Project Preserves, Sheds Light on 20th Century Czech and Slovak History